EFT Scripts for Financial Worries PDF

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Money blocks are never about money. We tend to use money in order to express emotions for other situations in our lives. 

Our financial situation can tell us a lot about our fears, our beliefs and the way we grew up. 

EFT will help you make connections between your current financial situation and your past experiences, it will also help you uncover your true beliefs about money. 

It is easier to change something when you know where it is coming from.

Emotional Freedom Techniques or simply EFT as it is known is an extremely powerful modality that will not only help to release painful emotions and limiting beliefs but also it help you reprogram your emotional and physical body to a totally different level. 

Doing EFT is easy and not prior knowledge is necessary. However, if you feel that you need assistance then you'll be happy to know that EFT is given to the public for free. There are videos demonstrating EFT on youtube. 

I am also an EFT Practitioner and it would be a pleasure for me to show you how EFT works.

Start using these scripts right away and you'll definitely see a difference in the way you feel about money. You can expect to:

▻Feel calm and relaxed about your financial situation

▻Find the cause of the way you deal with your finances

▻Uncover the core feelings and beliefs you hold about money

▻Release the behaviours that don't serve you anymore

▻Replace your negative feelings and beliefs with positive ones

Best of luck my friend!

I want this!

Find the root cause of your money blocks and replace them with more functional and positive behaviours and beliefs

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EFT Scripts for Financial Worries PDF

2 ratings
I want this!